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If you've found this page it means you're probably in love and excited about your future.

I know that you're busy right now and feel like you can't squeeze in one more thing. That's why I've picked out a few of the most common areas of "couple trouble" that I've learned through my work as a couples therapist, create problems for couples down the road. You can pick and choose which topics meet your needs.

  1. Who's the Boss?! (Role Expectations) Designed to help explore family traditions, personal expectations and goals around how responsibilities are shared or divided.

  2. "Show Me the Money" (Finances) Should you have separate accounts or one joint account? How will you divide the financial responsibilities? What are your plans for recreation, retirement, leisure? What should your financial portfolio look like and who will make those decisions?

  3. Not Tonight, Honey (Sex) Class designed to explore the importance of intimacy, how to talk about sex, and how to prioritize this important piece of togetherness.

  4. You Did What?! (Getting over the Past) Sometimes current relationships can be hindered because of past experiences. This course is designed to help put the past where it belongs.

  5. He Said, She Said, (Communication) One of the biggest issues among couples is an inability to communicate wants and needs, or express anger. This course helps identify communication errors and provide strategies to avoid problems

  6. "I'll fix it!" "I'll buy it!" "I'll tell you, I love you" (Love Language) Men and women often express love differently. This class is designed to explore the ways that love is expressed in your unique relationship.

  7. Change Or Else! (Dealbreakers!) Learn to discuss and negotiate subjects or issues that are guaranteed to interfere with marital bliss