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Divorce Care

  • Divorce means that your life has changed.

  • You may have wanted that change, or you may have desperately tried to stop the change.

  • It doesn't matter, you still feel the change

  • It means that what was once "normal" isn’t there anymore.

  • It means that you have to try to establish a new "normal"

  • It means that you have to try to redefine who you are and what your world looks like and that process comes with grief, sorrow and fear.

  • You may feel completely lost, or stuck.

  • You may feel terribly alone and hopeless.

  • You may be feeling hurt and rejected.

  • You may feel terrified of your future.

  • You may wonder if you'll ever date again. You may wonder if you'll ever be happy again.

  • If there were custody issues, you may feel completely worn out from the fight and helpless and powerless over what happens to your children.

  • Your financial situation may be different. Your living conditions may be different.

  • You may not know where to turn

If you are feeling these things and don't know where to turn; it helps to talk to someone.

We will work together to help you establish your new normal and to help you process the grief and fear. We'll work together to help you sort out what happened and help you make better decisions for yourself in the future.