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Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that we all feel. Much to many people's surprise, it can be a useful and important emotion. However, sometimes, our response to anger creates chaos and destruction in our lives and in our relationships.

This course is not designed to get rid of angry feelings, but rather to help us to understand the origin of angry feelings, the impact that unbridled anger has on our health, our professions, our relationships and our general sense of well-being and peace. This course is designed to provide guidance and tools so that we can understand this powerful emotion and respond to it in such a way that we can move forward in our lives to productivity and healthful living.

Treatment Options

Anger Management Course

For individuals seeking certifications of completion, or an educational approach to anger issues; I offer a 12 session course, private and confidential, that provides structured lesson material and workbook activities. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion will be provided if desired.


Individuals can also deal with anger issues by traditional psychotherapy methods. These are private counseling sessions that include a more comprehensive treatment plan for all aspects of an individual's life and state of being, including issues outside of just the realm of anger. Treatment plans and goals will be created according to the individual's needs.

Group Treatment

Depending on the number of participants, group sessions are also offered. This is a commitment of 24 sessions and certificates of completion are also offered. The Group setting is designed to utilize an educational approach, including the use of a work book. The value of group work is that individuals are able to share their experiences with others, learning tools, coping mechanisms and recognizing that they are not alone in their experience. The group setting is confidential and private and commitments from every group member is required to keep it so. Group rates are discounted from individual sessions.

Anger Management for Teens
(12 years to 18 years)

Kids and Teenagers experience anger as anyone does, however, typically, their ability to cope with that anger or respond to it in a healthy manner is less developed. This course is designed specifically for Kids and Teens and includes a 12 session program that has materials, exercises, and assigments that are crafted specifically for the young person's brain. The 12 basic sessions can be expanded upon if necessary to help your child deal specifically with the issues they are facing in their life.